Visiting and The Enrollment Process

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So, you’ve looked through The Mayapple School website and you’re intrigued. You think your child is ready to benefit from a preschool environment, and you wonder if The Mayapple School could be the right fit. The best way to find out is to visit with your child.

Planning a Visit

To plan a visit, please fill out this form. You will be able to choose your tour date and reserve your spot on the tour directly on the form.

  • Let us know ahead of time the names of all visitors that will be coming with you. This includes your spouse, potential students, and siblings. Some parents who visit multiple preschools choose not to take their children with them, as they feel this would be overwhelming for the children. Although we prefer for children to visit with parents, we can accommodate visits without. Let us know if this is the case for your family.
  • There is no fee to fill out the above form or to visit our school during a regularly scheduled tour date. Special accommodations or private tours may be able to be arranged for a small fee.
  • Please bring appropriate clothing for your visit. Even when it is not raining, our field can get very wet from dew, so please keep that in mind when choosing footwear.


During a Visit

Our address is 434 Blue Grass Trail, Newport VA 24128. Blue Grass Trail is also called VA 42.  When on VA 42, look for a large brick building on your right (If coming from US 460) that used to be the Newport High School. There is now a sign reading “Newport Recreation Center.” You may park in the gravel parking lot. Our classroom is the first room on the right with the stained glass window in the door.

During your visit, you will be met by our Visitors’ Guide, Ashton Keffer, a former assistant of The Mayapple School who is passionate and knowledgeable about our programs. Ashton Keffer will give a tour of the spaces we use at the Recreation Center, including bathroom, library, outdoor spaces, and classroom. You are free to ask questions at any time.

In the classroom or in our outdoor play area, your child will have the opportunity to join in with the rest of the students. If your child is present during circle time, she will be including in our morning greeting. We will take care to keep your child’s joining in with the group as mellow as possible. We allow for visiting children to take the lead in their involvement. Please respect your child’s wish to watch or explore independently if he feels more comfortable doing so.

Please remember that during your visit, the priority of the teachers is to be fully present with the children. You may ask questions of the teachers if they are available, but please do not feel offended if teachers need to attend to other classroom tasks. Our Visitors’ Guide is fully available to you, and Teaching Director Melissa West is available for follow-up questions at a later time at or (540) 818-6128.


The Enrollment Process

Enrollment for summer camp is accepted on a lottery basis. All applications will be collected up until April 1st. Completed applications are placed in a lottery pool and drawn by chance. If after the lottery there are still spaces remaining, they will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Enrollment for preschool for the 2018/2019 school year opens Feb. 28th, 2018. We ask that interested families of returning students (or younger siblings now eligible!) hand in their applications by April 15th so that we know what spots will be available for new students. Families of new students who have their applications in by April 15th will be notified of enrollment decisions by May 1st. Applications arriving for any remaining spots after this time will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those handing in their applications in July could expect up to three weeks delayed response time. At this time, it is strongly recommended that families wishing to ensure a specific school schedule apply before the deadline. Scholarship applications will be available March 15th and should be handed it at your earliest convenience but no later than May 15th for a decision by June 15th.

Returning Families: Your child is considered enrolled and a spot is saved for her when the registration fee and supply fee has been paid. Regardless of other forms you have filled out, your child will not be guaranteed a spot until fees have been paid.

New Families: To Enroll Your Child for the Following School Year…

  1. Fill out THIS FORM and plan a visit.
  2. Visit the school and ask questions.
  3. Declare your intention of enrolling your child and ask for an application.
  4. Fill out the application thoroughly. We require that applicants include a check for the supply and registration fee at the time of application. Mail the application and check to The Mayapple School PO Box 192 Newport, VA 24128. Or, bring both items to The Mayapple School and give it directly to one of our educators. (Please pre-arrange if possible.)
  5. We will gather applications until their due date. At that time, we will then look at all requested schedules and decide what enrollment we can offer your child. Applications received first will be given priority.
  6. Your check will not be deposited until after The Mayapple School board reviews your application. If we cannot offer you a spot, we will let you know, and your check will be shredded or burned. If we can offer you a spot, we will let you know, and we will deposit your check.
  7. Paperwork such as health forms, forest field trip and creek play permission slips, etc. will be e-mailed to accepted students summer 2018 and must be completed before orientation.
  8. We will maintain a waiting list if necessary. There is no waiting list fee.


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