Our 2018 – 2019 Donors

Every year, The Mayapple School relies on donations so that we can provide scholarships for preschoolers and campers who have financial need. This school year, we’re also raising funds for our move from Newport to Blacksburg,Virginia. You can find out more about why we are relocating our school away from the “blast zone” of a high-pressure natural gas transmission line, and how you can donate on our Go Fund Me page here:¬†https://www.gofundme.com/replant-uprooted-mayapple-school/The businesses, individuals, and groups below have generously given so that we can thrive. Our “thank you” comes from the heart. 

Friends of The Mayapple School ($1,000+)

  • Anonymous
  • Bill & Ellen Cranwell


Mayapple Explorers ($500 – $999)

  • ¬†Anonymous


Mayapple Roots ($200 – $499)

  • Doug and Marilyn Booth
  • Craig Dempster
  • Anne Goette
  • Steve and Alison LePera
  • Melissa Powell
  • Eric and Kasey Prigot
  • Real Life Smiles
  • Jeffrey Scherer
  • James Secrist


Helping Hands ($50 – $199)

  • Meredith Airaghi
  • Mark Barbour
  • Tawny Booth
  • Jenna Booth
  • Jen Bos
  • Jill Boukadida
  • Leslie Branch
  • Daniel Breslau
  • Mark and Raye Brookes
  • Kathleen Case
  • Jeremy Chiappetta
  • Chipotle Community Roots
  • Anne Dayer
  • Ashley Dayer
  • The Children’s Garden
  • Christopher Dayer
  • Gary and Marta Downey
  • Christopher Dunavant
  • Candace Edwards
  • Nancy Hadden
  • Nara Harrison
  • Pamela Hayes
  • Bob and Martie Heins
  • Micki Hric
  • Keith and Becky Hurley
  • Josephine Ireland
  • Karen Lon
  • Abigail Middleton
  • Robert Middleton
  • Lynn Mitchell
  • Jessica Morris
  • Judith Romeo Murphy
  • Gina Piscura
  • Sally & John Provo
  • Judie Reemsnyder
  • Andrew Riddile
  • James Robertson
  • Lacey Robertson
  • Rosanne Robertson
  • Becky Schneider
  • Jim & Carolyn Shockley
  • Kevin and Jaclyn Shockley
  • Short Family
  • Jonathan Shurberg
  • Jennifer Sorace
  • Desi Sowers
  • Susan Spellman
  • Michael Stein
  • Leigh Stoudenmire
  • Tessa Taylor
  • Sara Urquhart
  • Deborah Vinsel
  • Lance Vinsel
  • Lee Vinsel
  • Brian Wheeler
  • Melissa West
  • Cindy Whitlock
  • Michael Wiley
  • Karen Yolton
  • Jessica Zielske

Want to see your name on the list? Mail us a check written out to “The Mayapple School” and send it to 404 Mt. Tabor Rd. Blacksburg VA or donate through Go Fund Me.¬†

One thought on “Our 2018 – 2019 Donors

  1. I will donate more when I can, my dear friend. I am so proud of how ambitious you are! This school will be a lifelong gift to all who are part of it.

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