Hiring Preschool Teacher Assistant for the 2022/2023 School Year

The Mayapple School is a nature-based preschool program in Blacksburg, VA seeking an Assistant Teacher in our mixed aged classroom (3-5 year olds). Applicants should be fully vaccinated (COVID-19 vaccine). Please send your cover letter and resume to melissa@mayapple.org to be considered for the position.

Join us in our days filled with hands-on, active learning! Whether we are following animal tracks through the “mudpit” or following along as children act out their additions to a favorite fairytale, everyday at The Mayapple School is an adventure. Assistant teachers participate in all aspects of classroom life and work with the Lead Teacher to: 

  • Facilitate the enjoyment of the outdoors in all weather. Share nature knowledge and learn about the natural world with children.
  • Design and maintain organized and clean learning environments, both indoors and out.
  • Use child interest and abilities to plan and engage students in small and large group lessons and projects that cover all content areas as described in The Mayapple School’s curriculum. Use developmentally appropriate teaching practices that encourage critical thinking and creativity. Use intentional interactions throughout the day so students can get the most out of each learning experience.
  • Manage the classroom using warmth, empathy, trust in students, and by encouraging learning. Use pro-active classroom management strategies. Facilitate problem solving and conflict resolution using positive discipline and gentle guidance techniques. Guide children as they develop social emotional skills and become socially responsible.
  • Lead and plan for individual child documentation, such as child observations records and portfolio maintenance, as well as group documentation such as newsletters.
  • Follow school and licensure regulations as found in staff and parent handbooks, and Virginia Department of Education Regulations.

Qualifications and Experience. Enthusiastic candidates with the right disposition with and without experience will be considered. Preferred candidates will have one or more of the following:

  • Coursework or degree in Elementary or Environmental Education, Human Development, or a related field.
  • Experience with young children. 
  • Experience implementing educational programming in a formal or informal education or nature education setting.